Soul Kitchen 10 (V1 Part I) – The ‘Raindrops’ Mix

I have captured the signal, and subsequently triangulated the vectors, transduced the amplitude modulation via the concavity of my ears, and compressed the data down in order to express it as a function of my music collection.

ID: DJ Kub
SEQ_NO: 10
MIX_NAME: Soul Kitchen
DESC: Alternativefunkhawaiianalo-filoungerocksoul
LNGTH: 49:17
FMT: mp3
BR: 192 kbps
TOT_NO: 15
FILE: The ‘Raindrops’ Mix

1.01: Be Thankful For What You’ve Got (Edit) // William De Vaughn
1.02: Up On The Hill // The Bamboos
1.03: The Panther // Manu Dibango
1.04: Afro-Soul // Manu Dibango
1.05: Can You See Me // Jimi Hendrix
1.06: Statuesque // Sleeper
1.07: Raindrops // Dam Funk
1.08: Reminiscences // Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti
1.09: Dirty Work // Steely Dan
1.10: Try And Love Again // The Eagles
1.11: Forever Young // Bob Dylan
1.12: (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66 // Nat King Cole Trio
1.13: Tiny Bubbles // Don Ho
1.14: The Song Is You // Frank Sinatra
1.15: Rock Around The Clock // Sunny Dae & The Knights

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Soul Kitchen 10 (V2 Part II) – The ‘Super Disco Blend’ Mix

ID: DJ Kub
SEQ_NO: 10
MIX_NAME: Soul Kitchen
DESC: Discohousesoul
LNGTH: 40:09
FMT: mp3
BR: 192 kbps
FILE: The ‘Super Disco Blend’ Mix

2.01: If I Can’t Hold You // Desire
2.02: Soothe (Charles Webster’s Defected Mix) // Furry Phreaks ft Terra Deva
2.03: Where Is The Love I Knew // Vicenzo
2.04: Hurt So Bad (Dmitri From Paris Super Disco Blend) // Philly Devotions
2.05: Mr. Look So Good // Richard ‘Dimples’ Fields
2.06: Young Hearts Run Free // Kym Mazelle

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Soul Kitchen 09

This month’s mix is a nod to the cassette counter-culture with two mixes for two sides.

Side A is a rather chilled out affair, and brings Black Sabbath together with Dusty Springfield, and Common.

Side B picks things up, and moves into Disco and House territory with some great remixes and re-edits from years gone by.

Enjoy the virtual mixtape, which is dedicated to my brother for two reasons. First, he is celebrating his birthday this month, and second, he had more cassettes then I did when we were kids. That is until I got a job, and started spending all my money on music…

Soul Kitchen 09.A – The ‘Just A Melody’ Side
01 = Planet Caravan – Black Sabbath
02 = Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere – Neil Young
03 = When The Levee Breaks – Memphis Minnie
04 = Bluebird – Paul McCartney & Wings
05 = Spanish Flea – Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass
06 = Can I Get A Witness – Dusty Springfield
07 = Just A Melody – Young Holt Unlimited
08 = Something Extra (Album Version) – Black Heat
09 = Be (Intro) – Common
10 = I Shot The Sheriff – Bob Marley
11 = I Could Have Lied – Red Hot Chili Peppers
12 = Sentimental X’s – Broken Social Scene
13 = Troubled Mind – Everything But The Girl
14 = Cute – Cloud

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Soul Kitchen 09.B – The ‘Can’t Get There From Here’ Side
01 = Somewhere Between Heaven And Tesco’s – Department S
02 = Can’t Get There From Here – REM
03 = Bad Connection – Yaz
04 = The Key – Mock & Toof
05 = They Say – Common
06 = Musiq (A Tom Moulton Mix) – Cool Million ft Jarah
07 = Wounded Valentine (Nightriders Late Night Seduction Dub) – Soft   Complex
08 = Keep On (Dub Version) – Kaskade
09 = Let Me Down Easy (Danny Krivit Re-Edit) – Rare Pleasure
10 = Missing (Todd Terry Remix) – Everything But The Girl
11 = Song For Shelter (Edit) – Fatboy Slim

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Love & Xs…

Thank Funk It’s Friday – 2011.03.04

Next Tuesday is the culmination of Mardi Gras with Fat Tuesday, so this week’s mix celebrates the festivities by funkin’ things up with five tracks from New Orleans-grown talent.

Unlike the song says, you are in the right place at the right time.

Party on, and be excellent to each other!

01. Here Come The Girls {} Ernie K. Doe
02. Right Place, Wrong Time {} Dr. John
03. Gator Bait {} The Gaturs
04. 9 Till 5 {} The Meters
05. Get Out Of My Life Woman {} Lee Dorsey

Soul Kitchen 08 – The ‘Shoeshine Boogie’ Mix

Shoes shined. Boogie Fever. Now hit the ground running, and don’t look back…

01. It Don’t Come Easy :: Ringo Starr
02. Love Is A Dirty Word :: Jason Collett
03. Come And Get It :: Eli ‘Paperboy’ Reed
04. Circles :: Seeland
05. Kung Fu Fighting (Instrumental Version) :: Cee-Lo Green
06. Shoeshine Boogie :: Mock & Toof
07. The Only One :: The Black Keys
08. Out Of Place :: The Soundcarriers
09. Plain As Your Eyes Can See :: Jim Sullivan
10. UFO :: Jim Sullivan

11. Bambi :: Tokyo Police Club
12. Hey Elevator :: The Apples In Stereo
13. Meet Again :: Secret Twins
14. Epoca :: Gotan Project
15. Last Tango In Paris :: Gotan Project
16. Orympia Rocks :: Altz
17. What Is Love (12″ Mix) :: Haddaway
18. Get A Move On (Alternate Mix) :: The Quantic Soul Orchestra
19. The Late Late Show :: Count Basie

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DJ Kub Says ‘Thank Funk It’s Friday’ – 2011.02.11

This week’s mix is for all the lovers out there, and is specially dedicated to Wifey.

Happy Valentine’s Day babes – I love you (yeah)!

Xs & Os…


DJ Kub Says ‘Thank Funk It’s Friday’ – 2011.02.04

This week in 1978 saw the Bee Gees reach the Number 1 spot in the charts with ‘Stayin’ Alive’. The song was from the film ‘Saturday Night Fever’, and represents the pinnacle of Disco in terms of popularity. The movie was Number 1 in the box office, the soundtrack was the Number 1 album, and most of the songs from the record were among the most popular tunes of the year.

1978 was the culmination of an underground phenomenon that began in clubs in New York and Philadelphia in the late 1960s. Disco had grown in size and stature throughout the 1970s, gradually taking over all of the music production and popular culture in America. Everyone recorded Disco music, listened to Disco music, went to Disco clubs, and dressed like Tony Manero.  However, this over-saturation of polyester, platform shoes, and disco balls led to an ever-growing backlash by the public. In July of 1979, a mere 18 months later, the famous Disco Demolition Night took place in Comiskey Park in Chicago during a baseball game between the White Sox and Tigers. Roughly ten years after the emergence of Disco, the scene was dead.

This week’s mix is a look back at those halcyon days of Disco, with five chart-topping songs from 1978 that proved the Disco sound was the only one in town, and everyone wanted to catch ‘Saturday Night Fever’.

01. Stayin’ Alive * Bee Gees
02. Theme From ‘Which Way Is Up’ * Stargard
03. (Every Time I Turn Around) Back In Love Again * LTD
04. Ffun * Con Funk Shun
05. Boogie Shoes * KC & The Sunshine Band

Soul Kitchen 07 – The ‘I Love The Dough’ Mix

This month’s mix goes out to: BT, CS, GB, JP, KC, MC, MG, PD, SV & ZA.
Y’all know who you are because you be Richie like Lionel,
Listening to my CDs, tapes and vinyl.

Now, we gonna let it show…

01. I Love The Dough  $  The Notorious BIG
02. Don’t Stop (Ashley Beedle’s Mavis Re-Edit)  $  Dolphin Boy
03. Sunrain  $  LTJ Bukem ft Elliot
04. The Ghost Inside  $  Broken Bells
05. Way Of Love  $  Etienne De Crecy
06. Brazilian Rhyme (Interlude 1)  $  Earth Wind & Fire
07. Drop It In The Slot  $  Tower Of Power
08. El Resbalon  $  Bronx River Parkway
09. (You Gotta Walk) Don’t Look Back  $  Peter Tosh ft Mick Jagger
10. Heinekin (Interlude 2)  $  Mike Sammes
11. Cold Beverage  $  G Love & Special Sauce
12. Zorbing  $  Stornoway
13. Birthday  $  Kings Of Leon
14. Beach Side  $  Kings Of Leon
15. Coeur Hante  $  Frank (Just Frank)
16. Deep Inside Your Love  $  Basement Jaxx
17. Grace  $  Underworld

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For The Record – ‘Jack Your Body’

Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley is a pioneering producer, and songwriter in House music, whose song ‘Jack Your Body’ has an interesting story. In 1986, Hurley released ‘I Can’t Turn Around’, which was a cover of the classic 1975 Isaac Hayes song. His best friend, Farley Keith, stole the track before distribution licenses were arranged, changed the lyrics, released it as ‘Love Can’t Turn Around’, and hit the top ten in the UK Singles Chart. Needless to say, that was the end of their friendship…

Hurley got his own back though later in 1986, when he released ‘Jack Your Body’, and it became the very first UK House record to reach Number 1 in the charts. It also became the first UK number one single in the budding 12″ format, and paved the way for Acid House.

Despite all this success, Hurley never had another song (under his own name) reach the Top 75 in the UK. His other minor hits in 1987 were released under the alias JM Silk.

Thank Funk It’s Friday – 2011.01.21

James Brown may have told the world about papa’s brand new bag in 1965, but what he forgot to mention was that mama also had her own brand new bag. While Brown was laying down the groove that was to become Funk, all the Soul sisters out there were laying down some rare grooves of their own.

This week’s mix is a big shout-out from the Soul sisters to you.

Right on.

A1. Something’s Got A Hold On Me = Etta James
A2. Sunshine Of Your Love = Spanky Wilson

B1. If I’m In Luck I Might Get Picked Up = Betty Davis
B2. Hard To Handle = Patti Drew
B3. Will You Love My Child = Anna Raye