TFIF (The ‘Thriller’ One) – 2020.12.04

This week’s playlist pays some homage to the release of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, which was unleashed to an unsuspecting world on November 30, 1982.

Here is everything you (probably) always wanted to know about Thriller.
1. Sixth album released by Jackson
2. Cost $750,000 to produce and record
3. Number one selling album for a total of 37 weeks between February 26, 1983 and April 14, 1984
4. Seven songs (out of nine) released as singles
5. Best selling album of all time – 66,000,000+ copies worldwide
6. 14 minute video released for title track one year after the album (December 2, 1983) – It was shown in a movie theatre in California for one week, so that it could qualify for an Oscar

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