Monthly Archives: July 2020

TIIF (The ‘Strokes’ One) – 2020.07.31

On July 30, 2001, the Strokes debut album, Is This It, was unleashed in Australia. The sound of the record was described as ‘a band from the past that took a trip to the future to make the record’. Most of the songs were recorded in one take. The result was a raw, lo-fi album with very little studio production. It eventually took the world by storm at the the height of DJ culture and electronic dance music. All the cool kids sold their turntables to buy guitars. What followed was an exceptional few years of Indie music. This week’s playlist contains some of my favorite tracks from that period. I hope you enjoy it. Have a great bank holiday weekend!


TFIF (The ‘Messy’ One) – 2020.07.24

TFIF (The ‘French’ One) – 2020.07.17

Since Tuesday was Bastille Day, this week’s playlist includes a few tunes from the French Touch thing back in the early 2000s. Vive Le Funk!

TIIF (The ‘Hooky’ One) – 2020.07.10

This week’s TIIF has a bit of everything from Blondie to LCD Soundsystem. I called it the ‘Hooky’ one because Mr. Peter Hook features on two tracks. He plays bass on Aries and sings on Dreams Never End, which was on the first New Order album after Ian Curtis died. The group were struggling to figure out who they were, an no one wanted Ian’s old job singing. If you ask me, Hooky dies a fine Ian impersonation on the track.

TFIF (The ‘America’ One) – 2020.07.03

This week’s TFIF playlist gives a few shout outs to the States, since it’s the Fourth Of July tomorrow. Have a great weekend!