Back In The Box

1970 – Kub’s 40th Birthday Mix
Bruce Lee – The Way Of The Dragon
Chill House – The ‘Foundations’ Mix – The House Tunes That Inspired Kub To Get On The Decks
Closer – Ian Curtis’ Influences During The Recording Of ‘Closer’
Drum ‘n’ Bass 1ne – An LTJ Bukem-Inspired Set
Le Tour – Viva Le Tour De France!
Michael Jack5on – The King Of Pop’s Five Biggest Performing Songs
MTV – Day One – A Run-Down Of The Very First Videos Ever Played On MTV On August 1, 1981
Run Kub Run – The Tunes That Got Me To The Starting Line Of My First Marathon
Studio 54 – Legendary Disco Songs From The Legendary Night Club
The King Of Pop – A Tribute To Michael Jackson
The Young Knives – Ten Songs From The Three Tweed-Loving English Geek Rockers
Twelvety – A DJ Kub Demo Mix
Yo! Kub Raps – Memba Them Good Ol’ Raps From Back In The Day?

Digital Kicks
Digital Kicks 001 – The ‘Changes’ Mix
Digital Kicks 002 – The ‘Above The Clouds’ Mix
Digital Kicks 003 – The ‘Have You Been Making Out OK?’ Mix
Digital Kicks 004 – The ‘Totally Wired’ Mix
Digital Kicks 005 – The ‘Boredom’ Mix
Digital Kicks 006 – The ‘Rock This Town’ Mix
Digital Kicks 007 – The ‘Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Love’ Mix
Digital Kicks 008 – The ‘Hide Me’ Mix
Digital Kicks 009 – The ‘Love Won’t Leave Me Alone’ Mix

Digital Kicks 020 – The ‘Smile And Receive’ Mix
Digital Kicks 021_A – The ‘Woman Of The Ghetto’ Mix
Digital Kicks 021_B – The ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ Mix
Digital Kicks 022 – The ‘Country Trash’ Mix
Digital Kicks 023 – The ‘Kansas City’ Mix
Digital Kicks 024 – The ‘Around And Around’ Mix
Digital Kicks 025 – The ‘Move It On Over’ Mix
Digital Kicks 026 – The Double Shot ‘Flashing Lights’ Mix

Digital Kicks 047 – The ‘An That’s Saying  A Lot’ Mix
Digital Kicks 048 – The ‘Funk Ass Rotator’ Mix
Digital Kicks 049 – The ‘Stupid Cupid’ Mix
Digital Kicks 050 – The ‘Pure Imagination’ Mix

Soul Kitchen
Soul Kitchen 01 – The ‘I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do)’ Mix
Soul Kitchen 02
Soul Kitchen 03

Tarmac Soul
Tarmac Soul 1 – Music From Life & Times On The Road
Tarmac Soul 2 – More Music From Life & Times On The Road
Tarmac Soul 3 – The Return Of Music From Life & Times On The Road

Thank Funk It’s Friday
TFIF – 2010.08.13 – The ‘Let’s Take It To The Bridge’ Mix
TFIF – 2010.08.20
TFIF – 2010.08.27


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