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Life is too short to listen to bad music

Digital Kicks 050 – The ‘Pure Imagination’ Mix

Hold your breath. Make a wish. Count to three…

With this mix, the Digital Kicks musical journey is coming to a close. After fifty episodes, I have decided that it is time to move on. From the very first mix I did in a plane, traveling from Madrid to Dublin in March 2006 all the way through to this month’s ‘Pure Imagination’ mix, I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to,  compiling, recording and posting all of my favourite tunes from each month’s new batch of music.

Fifty is a milestone, so I figured now was a good time to change direction. But, fear not faithful listeners, because I am going to begin a brand new series of podcasts next month and embark on an entirely new musical journey. And you will all be invited.

In the meantime, come with me and you’ll be in a world of pure imagination, as we listen to this month’s mix and the very last Digital Kicks.

The tracklisting is:

01. Pure Imagination – Willy Wonka
02. Spacelab – Kraftwerk
03. Good Life (7″ Edit) – Inner City
04. The Light – Common
05. A Love Bizarre (Single Edit Version) – Sheila E ft Prince
06. Maniac (Instrumental Version) – Michael Sembello
07. You Came Out (Album Version) – We Have Band
08. In Focus (Extended Mix) – DJ Inxx
09. Slippage – Land Shark
10. Detroit Moments – John Beltran
11. True (Extended Remix) – Spandau Ballet
12. Why Can’t We Live Together (Lasting Peace Remix) – Timmy Thomas
13. Unicorn – Dizzy Gillespie
14. Theme From Shaft – The Chosen Few
15. Boom Boom – John Lee Hooker
16. You’re Gonna Miss Me – Muddy Waters

Thank you for all of your support and for lending me your ears each and every month.

Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.


Digital Kicks 049 – The ‘Stupid Cupid’ Mix

This month’s Digital Kicks is mixed up good from the start.  Follow this link to hear for yourself.

01. The Voice Of Energy – Kraftwerk
02. Second Principles – Random Factor
03. Motown Spring – Spirit Catcher
04. Night Train – Louis Prima
05. It Must Be Love – Labi Siffre
06. Stupid Cupid – Connie Francis
07. I Don’t Want To Discuss It – Little Richard
08. K-Jee – The Nite-Liters
09. Hurry On Down – Elektrons ft Pete Simpson
10. Hell Is Round The Corner – Tricky
11. The Heat Is On – Glenn Frey
12. Lewis – Yo La Tengo
13. Did I Tell You – Yo La Tengo
14. Little Boxes – Pete Seeger
15. Sabbatical – De-Phazz
16. 3030 – Dan The Automator
17. Chipmunks Are Go! – Madness

Bonus Track
18. Left For Dead – Hunter Gatherer

Digital Kicks 048 – The ‘Funk Ass Rotator’ Mix

It’s funky.  It rotates.  It can be listened to or downloaded here

01. Human Things – From P60
02. Highlights (Charles Webster Remix) – Delgui
03. Don’t Leave Me – Al Green & The Soul Mates
04. Phantom – The Dynamites & Andy Capp
05. Brothers On The Slide – The Dynamics
06. Inhale Exhale (Performed By Venus Malone ft Wordsworth) –
    J Rawls
07. The Pant – Mamaluke
08. Don’t Get Around Much Anymore – Louis Armstrong
09. This Town – Frank Sinatra
10. I’m Digging You (Like An Old Soul Record) – Geoffrey Williams
11. ME – Gary Numan
12. Get The Dogs – Speedking
13. The Explorers – CFCF
14. Messages (Greg Wilson Edit) – OMD
15. Funk Ass Rotator – Kraak & Smaak
16. Ride Yor Pony – Lee Dorsey
17. Federated Backdrop – Sound Dimension
18. Formaldehyde Ride – CPEN

Giddy up…

Digital Kicks 047 – The ‘Robots’ Mix

Back from the dead, for your aural pleasure,  is another episode of Digital Kicks.  Navigate here to listen or download the episode.

The track sequence is:

01. Wayback – Hubtone
02. Latina Del Accordion – Daniel Lopez Covas
03. Meltin’ Guitar – Belladonna
04. One Lifetime To Live (Greg Wilson Version) – Gary Davis
05. Stompin’ At The Savoy – Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald
06. Trois Gymnopedies (First Movement) – Gary Numan
07. The Robots (2009 Digital Remaster) – Kraftwerk
08. Let The Sun Shine Out (Original Vocal Mix) – Flora Cruze
09. An That’s Saying A Lot (Groove Armada Mix) – Natural Calamity
10. Shimmer – Hanna
11. Armageddon Time – Willie Williams
12. 11th Dimension – Julian Casablancas
13. You Can’t Walk Like A Man (When You’re Too Drunk To Stand) – The Dodge Brothers
14. Dragon – The Amazing

Bonus Tracks
15. The Groove – Darling Android
16. Endless Universe – Digital Daylight

Digital Kicks 026

A big hello to all you listeners out there and welcome to Digital Kicks 026. I’m your host-with-the-most DJ Kub. This month’s mix is a special one because it features double shots of some of the best artists making some of the best music around.

Things kick off with Olaf Gutbrod, who goes by the artist name of Ohm G. He is currently the resident DJ at Atzaro in the lovely island of Ibiza. When he isn’t spinning dance grooves on the wheels of steel, he is busy recording chilled out ambient music with the knobs and dials of style. Here he is with two tunes of heavenly synths and silky beats.

01. Almost Alive – Ohm G
02. La Fleur De Vie (Ambient Mix) – Ohm G

Next up we move to the man with a plan who puts the bass in your face. It’s Julien Jabre and his unique, deep House sounds. His tracks have something for your body and your mind.

03. That Day – Julien Jabre
04. Deliverance – Julien Jabre

Our next double shot takes us back to the halcyon days of the late 1970s. Gary Numan and Paul Gardiner met in 1977 in the ‘Big Smoke’. They played in both Punk and New Wave Bands together before accidentally discovering synthesizers and their shared love of science fiction. 1979 saw the release of their second long playing album, ‘Replicas’, which made them Electro pioneers and eventually, when combined with bad fashion sense and dodgy haircuts, became a major influence for the New Romantics.

05. You Are In My Vision – Tubeway Army
06. Are ‘Friends’ Electric (Early Version) – Tubeway Army

Now we are gettin’ serious people. Listen up. From a seven piece group singing to an eight piece group rapping, you better give it up for the Witty Unpredictable Talent and Natural Game Clan. And they ain’t nothing to f’ wit. They are the Wisdom, Universe, Truth, Allah, Nation and God Clan. And I am telling you they ain’t nothing to f’ wit.

07. Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthing To F’ Wit – Wu-Tang Clan
08. Shame On A Nigga – Wu-Tang Clan

Two songs! Seven piece band! Them playing! You listening! Don’t touch that dial! It’s Los Campesinos!

09. We Throw Parties, You Throw Knives – Los Campesinos
10. It Started With A Mixx – Los Campesinos

You are listening to Digital Kicks. I am DJ Kub, playing all the platters that matter and dropping the beats from the streets, including these two tracks from the hippest, sharpest dressed man in all of Hip Hop today

11. Flashing Lights – Kanye West ft Dwele
12. I Wonder – Kanye West

Let’s take it down a notch now with some heartbroken Soul music from Adele Laurie Blue Adkins. Adele has said that she was influenced by Etta James and Dusty Springfield by complete accident. She claims that she went to HMV one day and was looking through the sales section for some ideas for a new hairstyle when she discovered CDs by both artists. She bought them, took them home, played them and started singing immediately. Now if she could just do something with her hair…

13. Right As Rain – Adele
14. Chasing Pavements – Adele

This month’s Digital Kicks wraps up with a couple of legends. Ella Fitzgerald grew up listening to Jazz records by Louis Armstrong. In 1956 the pair teamed up and released an album of standards called, ‘Ella And Louis’ on the Verve label. Both these tracks are taken from that recording.

15. A Foggy Day – Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong
16. Cheek To Cheek – Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong

Thanks very much to all of you for listening. I would like to leave you with a quote from the great Ella Fitzgerald herself: “It isn’t where you came from, it’s where you’re going that counts.”

Digital Kicks 025

25 volumes
21 songs
01 mix

Here we go…

01. Colder Than The Coldest Winter Was Cold – The Dandy Warhols
02. Maybe Lately – Miracle Fortress
03. Ankle Injuries – Fujiya & Miyagi
04. Death To Los Campesinos! – Los Campesinos!
05. I Want To Be In Husker Du – Let’s Wrestle
06. Fast Cars – Buzzcocks
07. What’cha Gonna Do About It – Small Faces
08. Sunshine Superman – Donovan
09. Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive – Bing Crosby & The Andrew Sisters
10. Move It On Over – Hank Williams
11. Ghost Hardware – Burial
12. If You Really Love Me – Stevie Wonder
13. (What A) Wonderful World – Sam Cooke
14. Mighty Power Of Love (Lars Behrnoth Deep Subtle Koffee Mix) – Leee John
15. No Communication, No Love (Devastating) (Original Version) – Charles Schillings
16. Rock – DJ Spinna
17. American Boy – Estelle ft Kanye West
18. Blacker (Album Version) – Ballistic Brothers
19. Hold Me Now – Johnny Logan
20. Song About Traveling – The Innocence Mission
21. Anyone Else But You – The Moldy Peaches

Colder Than The Coldest Winter Was Cold – The Dandy Warhols
CBS News anchor and documentary show host Bill Kurtis narrates this opening track to the Dandys fifth album ‘Odditorium Or Warlords Of Mars’ and Kub’s 25th Digital Kicks.

Maybe Lately – Miracle Fortress
From the Montreal outfit Miracle Fortress comes ‘Maybe Lately’, a lo-fi song that combines exactly the right amounts of the Beach Boys and Phil Spector without too much of either one.

It’s a lovely little slice of Pop music that makes the world seem like a much better place after you hear it.

Sparkly, shimmery, summertime Indie Pop that will make even the most hardened of cynics smile (maybe even tap their feet).

Ankle Injuries – Fujiya & Miyagi
A record player brand name + the guy from ‘The Karate Kid’ = a couple of guys who like to combine 70s Krautrock and 90s electronic music.

The group apparently met a Sunday league football match, while warming the bench and discussing their mutual admiration for world heavyweight wrestler Kendo Nagasaki.

After spending several years in obscurity, they finally got noticed with the album ‘Transparent Things’ featuring the song ‘Collarbone’ and this little gem.

Death To Los Campesinos! – Los Campesinos!
Aleksandra, Ellen, Gareth, Harriet, Neil, Ollie and Tom are Los Campesinos! Roughly translated as The Farmers! or The Peasants! in Spanish.

This track is from their debut album ‘Hold On Now Youngster…’. Although it may not be the most cohesive piece of work out there it has a lot of catchy tunes, great musicality and proper from-the-heart type Indie music. They are one to watch. That is to say, listen to.

I Want To Be In Husker Du – Let’s Wrestle
Don’t we all?

This is the B-Side to this London trio’s first single, ‘Song For Abba Tribute Record’.

Described as a couple of knock-kneed Indiepop fans with a love of Pop music, who sound like a mixture of Los Campesinos! and Pavement with just the right amount of The Wedding Present thrown in.

If only John Peel were alive today to hear them…

Fast Cars – Buzzcocks
Pete Shelly and Howard Devoto formed The Buzzcocks in Manchester in 1975.
In February 1976, they went to London to see the Sex Pistols.
In July of that year they opened for them at their second gig in Manchester.
At the end of the year they recorded and released ‘The Spiral Scratch’ EP by themselves, making it the very first independent record released.
Then Howard Devoto left the group. He would go on to form Magazine.

Two years later they released their first LP, ‘Another Music In A Different Kitchen’, that begins with this track. ‘Fast Cars’ contains the guitar riff from ‘Boredom’, one of the tracks that put them on the map and featured on their previous EP.

Their strong craftsmanship of Pop songs combined with their rapid-fire Punk energy made them very popular and a huge influence on nearly every band that formed in the 1980s.

The name of their album was based on a piece of art by performance artist Linder Sterling called, ‘Housewives Choosing Their Own Juices In A Different Kitchen’.

And that is the buzz, cocks.

What’cha Gonna Do About It – Small Faces
Small Faces or The Small Faces were from East London and had a huge love of American Rhythm & Blues music. James Brown, Smokey Robinson and Ben E King were just a few of their massive influences.

They are one of the most acclaimed Mod groups and are acknowledged as one of the biggest influences of the Britpop movement in the 1990s.

Things got off to a rough start when the band started playing live. They were kicked out of their first ‘away’ gig in a working men’s club in Sheffield. Feeling rejected, they walked next door to Mod-oriented Mojo Club and played for free. They went down a storm, creating a huge buzz and they soon had a residency in Leicester Square with support from Sonny & Cher.

Their name comes from the fact that all of the band members were around 5’4″ and of the girlfriend’s remarked that they all had “small faces”. The name stuck because the word ‘face’ is Mod slang for a popular, trend-setting individual.

This track is their first single from their first album, ‘Small Faces’, released in 1966.

Sunshine Superman – Donovan
Having begun his musical career as an acoustic Folk musician, Donovan was keen to move on by the mid-1960s. He met Mickie Most and John Cameron, adopted the hippie ‘flower power’ image, immersed himself in Jazz, Blues and Eastern music and discovered Jefferson Airplane and The Grateful Dead.

The result of all this was ‘Sunshine Superman’ – an eclectic blend of Folk, Rock, Pop and Jazz that was innovative and one of the very first psychedelic Pop records of the 1960s.

It made him a superstar, selling hundreds of thousands of records in both the UK and the US. To this day it remains an essential recording from the short-lived (but much-hyped) psychedelic era in Rock music.

Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive – Bing Crosby & The Andrew Sisters
Ac-cent-tchu-ating the positive was (in 1944), is (now) and always will be the key to happiness.

Good advice.

Move It On Over – Hank Williams
The hard drinkin’, Honky Tonk man sings about sleeping in the doghouse after a night of heavy boozin’ in this, his first major Country hit.

Ghost Hardware – Burial
Burial is a Dubstep musician from London. Apparently.

He has released two albums that have received large amounts of critical acclaim. But no one really knows who he is. He has claimed in anonymous interviews that only five people know he makes music.

It was reported in the news earlier this year that his name is William Bevan – the name used for the credits on all of his songs. But it seems that William Bevan is the name of a funeral director in London.

I wonder who this ‘mystery’ man really is?

If You Really Love Me – Stevie Wonder
‘If You Really Love Me’ is from Stevie Wonder’s 1971 groundbreaking album ‘Where I’m Coming From’. It was a very important album for Wonder because it was the first in which he had complete artistic control in the production. It was also the last album in his very first contract with Motown.

Signed as a child prodigy nine years earlier, Barry Gordy had kept very strict control over his company’s productions and his artist’s careers. But that all changed in the early 1970s. Wonder, along with Marvin Gaye, wanted to expand his music with new styles and techniques. When he turned 21 (in 1971) Wonder was approached by Gordy to renegotiate his contract, but thanks to a clause contained in the document he was able to void the agreement and force Motown to accept whatever he recorded.

The result was ‘Where I’m Coming From’ and it foreshadowed what was to come in his next four albums, which would be referred to as his “classic period” and make him one of the most successful and critically acclaimed musicians of his time.

(What A) Wonderful World – Sam Cooke
Considered by many to be the ‘King of Soul’, Sam Cooke recorded and released this song on his first album, ‘Sam Cooke’ in 1960.

It was one of his amazing 29 Top 40 singles in the US between 1957 and 1965.

In addition to his huge contribution to Soul music, he was also a savvy businessman. He founded a record label and a publishing company as an extension to his ‘day’ job as a singer and composer.

He was so astute he even added the ‘e’ to his name because he thought it was classier.

Mighty Power Of Love (Lars Behrenroth Deep Subtle Koffee Mix) – Leee John
1957 – Leee John born in Hackney, London
1970(s) – John works as a back-up singer for The Delfonics, Chairman Of The Board and The Velvettes
1980 – John forms Imagination (the name is a tribute to John Lennon) with Ashley Ingram and Errol Kennedy
1981 – They release the track ‘Body Talk’, which is a huge club hit, goes to Number 4 in the UK Singles chart and sells 250,000 copies
1983 – John appears on Dr Who1996 – John releases ‘Mighty Power Of Love’, which becomes an underground club hit
2000 – Ben Watt releases ‘Lazy Dog’ – a compilation of his favourite tracks from the Lazy Dog club in Notting Hill that features ‘Mighty Power Of Love’. Kub buys the compilation and really likes the track.
2004 – ‘Mighty Power Of Love’ is remixed by Lars Behrenroth and re-released.
2008 – Kub downloads the Behrenroth remix from eMusic and includes it in ‘Digital Kicks 025’.

No Communication No Love (Devastating) (Original Mix) – Charles Schillings
This track is lifted from Schilling’s excellent 2001 Electro-Acoustic album ‘It’s About…’

The album reflected his experiences during six years of DJing around the world as well as his varied musical tastes, ranging from House to Techno to Disco to Funk to Groove to Easy Listening and back to House again.

At the time of it’s release, Schillings was championing the French Touch scene, producing, recording and DJing all over the world. Basically he was busy being one of the biggest names in Dance music.

I first heard this song on the compilation ‘La Mezzanine del Alcazar’, where it was featured on the second disc, mixed by Shade. It’s a quality piece of chilled House that is equally suitable for dance floors as well as armchairs. Pure grooving.

Rock – DJ Spinna
Born Vincent Williams, Spinna first started experimenting with turntables at the age of eleven.

Since then he has recorded, produced, remixed, collaborated and DJed – all with great success. Despite all of his talent and achievements, he has remained largely underground during his career.

This song displays his love of Soul, Funk and Hip-Hop music blended perfectly to create his own unique sound.

American Boy – Estelle ft Kanye West
Song: American Boy
Writer: Will.I.Am
Singer: Estelle
Guest: Kanye West

Her biggest record to date, ‘American Boy’ was a hit in 18 different official charts around the world earlier this year. In the UK, it debuted at Number 72 and jumped 71 places to Number 1 the following week.

That sort of success can buy a lot of Ribena and Penguin bars…

Blacker (Album Version) – Ballistic Brothers
Ashley Beedle, Darren House, Darren Rock, David Hill and Uschi Classen are the Ballistic Brothers.

This song mixes pieces of ‘Brother’ by Gil Scott-Heron and ‘Chameleon’ by Herbie Hancock to create a chilled, electronic, Downtempo, Trip Hop, Jazz masterpiece.

Hold Me Now – Johnny Logan
Johnny Logan is the most successful artist in the Eurovision Song Contest, having won a total of three times between 1980 and 1992.

‘Mister Eurovision’ burst on to the scene in 1980 when he took the top prize at Eurovision for the song ‘What’s Another Year’, which was a huge hit all over Europe and went to Number 1 in the UK.

But his massive success was quickly followed by massive failure when his management team made a huge mistake by releasing two follow up singles simultaneously. Since radio stations had no idea which song to play, both of them flopped. Attempted comebacks in 1983 and 1986 also failed to return the singer to his previous triumphs.

In 1987, he entered Eurovision again with this song and he won for the second time! ‘Hold Me Now’ went on to be a huge hit and million seller. After his second bout of success, he decided to solely concentrate his career in Ireland and Europe.

1992 brought him his third win in Eurovision when he wrote the winning song, ‘Why Me’, for Linda Martin.

Last year this track featured in a McDonald’s Eurosaver Menu ad and introduced a whole new generation to his biggest hit.

Song About Travelling – The Innocence Mission
Husband-and-wife musicians Don and Karen Peris formed The Innocence Mission in the late 1980s in Lancaster, Pennsylvania after meeting at a Catholic secondary school during a production of ‘Godspell’.

Coincidentally, Lancaster is my home town and the secondary school where they met is Lancaster Catholic High School, which is also my Alma Mater.

They began recording in their make-shift studio in their basement but quickly progressed and by their third album, ‘Glow’ (one of my personal all-time favourites), they were selling records and being featured on numerous soundtracks.

This tune comes from their seventh album, ‘Small Planes’, which was recorded during ‘Glow’ but not released until 2001.

Anyone Else But You – The Moldy Peaches
The band from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, who began recording in 1999 and then went on hiatus in 2004. Possibly because they released the album ‘The Moldy Peaches’ on September 11 2001 that contained a song called ‘NYC Is Like A Graveyard’. Or possibly because the guitarist, Aaron Wilkinson, left the band and subsequently died in 2003 from a heroin overdose.

Regardless of the reason for the break, this song brought them back from wherever they were when it appeared in the film ‘Juno’ last year and was released as a single on Rough Trade records.

Digital Kicks 024

01. Beautiful Summer Day – Mother
02. 54B – Mudd
03. Back In The Days – The Defloristics
04. Midnight Surprise (Radio Edit) – Lightspeed Champion
05. Down But Not Yet Out – Felt
06. This Charming Man (New York Vocal Version) – The Smiths
07. Hands In The Dark – The Chromatics
08. Rolling Down The Hills – Glass Candy
09. Where Are You – BRS
10. Food Stamps – Leaf
11. Boxe Et Violence – Daniel J White
12 Swan – Tomboy
13. Brain Leech – Alex Gopher
14. Why Don’t You Take Us – Sky King
15. Don’t Take Your Love – The New Sounds
16. Around And Around – Chuck Berry
17. I’ll Never Get Out Of This World Alive – Hank Williams
18. I Get A Kick Out Of You – Frank Sinatra

Set the controls for here to listen to this mix.

Beautiful Summer Day – Mother
This space has intentionally left blank.

54B – Mudd
Recorded by Paul Murphy (AKA Mudd), released by Rong Music, compiled by Tom Middleton and featured on Renaissance 3D, this tune is a cracker.

A perfect example of ‘chilled out’ music that doesn’t make you want to go to sleep and proof that Mr Middleton is a master at finding and presenting some of the best music around.

Back In The Days – The Defloristics
The Defloristics are Robert Hardt and Harry Zier. They began their careers working with artists like Chaka Khan and Keith Sweat. But now they deliver chilled, polished, electronic Jazzy breaks infused perfectly with Deep House.

This song (and the accompanying album) is an example of music that does not disappoint but that you are unlikely to come across without a recommendation. Well, now it has been recommended. Essential late-night listening.

Midnight Surprise (Radio Edit) – Lightspeed Champion
Devonte Hynes used to be in a band called Test Icicle. But then he changed directions entirely.

In early 2007, he went to Omaha, Nebraska to record his solo debut album with one of the members of Bright Eyes. He stayed for a few months and hung out in a guest house. Lots of musicians came by and they all ended up playing on the resutling album, ‘Falling Off The Lavender Bridge’.

According to Hynes, the album consists of two halves, mixing both dreams and life experiences. This Radio Edit of ‘Midnight Surprise’ is a shortened version of the ten minute track that features on the album.

Down But Not Yet Out – Felt
Ten singles. Ten albums. Ten years.

This is the history of the band Felt. They were from Birmingham, recorded for the labels Cherry Red & Creation and influenced numerous bands, including Belle & Sebastian.

Their sound, defined by an atmospheric, delicate guitar playing, is a perfect example of the Indie scene captured by NME on the C-86 compilation.

This Charming Man (New York Vocal Version) – The Smiths
Arguably, ‘This Charming Man’ is the best and most popular Indie tune of all time.

This version is from the original vinyl release and is a stretched-out, slightly altered remix by the House legend Francois K. Thankfully, he gets it just right and manages to remix the song without losing the plot.

Very good and very obscure.

Hands In The Dark – The Chromatics / Rolling Down The Hills – Glass Candy
Two songs. One compilation. ‘After Dark’ highlights artists who have embraced Italo-Disco, Giorgio Moroder-style, synthesizer music following the Dance-Punk and Electroclash trends.

Creating real atmosphere without the cheesy Eurodisco element, these are two of the stronger tracks from the collection.

Where Are You – BRS
This BRS does not stand for Bristow Group, Ballistic Recovery Systems, British Racing School, Brotherhood Of Railroad Signalmen or the Bureau Of Rural Sciences.

This BRS stands for British Rhythm Services, who formed in 1998. They are DJ Ben Vacara, Rob Evans and Mr Mulatto. They make Downtempo, Deep House like this song that is from the album ‘Gravity’, released in 2002.

Food Stamps – Leaf
Using the leaf as a stamp, press it down carefully onto the white paper. Hold it in place and gently rub the construction paper so that all areas hit the white paper.

Carefully remove the stamp and repeat this process with your other leaves and colors.

Allow to dry completely.

Boxe Et Violence – Daniel J White
Thanks to Mr Thing this little underground break has been restored from obscurity on ‘Strange Breaks & Mr Thing’. It is 116 seconds of pure groovy jazziness.

Swan – Tomboy
Tomboy is Danish producer Tomas Barfod. He makes seriously funky little biscuits like this one. When he’s not busy producing, he plays drums for WhoMadeWho.

Brain Leech – Alex Gopher
Alex Gopher entered the music scene in a pop band known as Orange. He played alongside Etienne De Crecy, Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoit Dunckel. When they broke up, they all sold their guitars to buy turntables. De Crecy and Gopher released the infamous French Touch compilation ‘Super Discount’, while Godin and Dunckel formed Air.

After enormous amounts of success with ‘You My Baby And I’ and ‘Wuz’, it seems that Gopher decided to sell his turntable to buy a guitar. The result is this song, which appears on his 2006 self-titled album.

Why Don’t You Take Us – Sky King
Another little beauty uncovered by Mr Thing and included on his strange breaks compilation.

Don’t Take Your Love – The New Sounds
Wigan. Empress Ballroom. Mike Walker. 1973-1981. Northern Soul. Queues around the corner. All nighters. ‘3 before 8’. Drugs. Downfall. Thousands of compilation CDs.

Around And Around – Chuck Berry
This tune was originally released as the B-Side to Johnny B Goode in 1958, which was an autobiographical tale of a coloured boy, who could “play a guitar just like ringing a bell”.

Rolling Stone magazine ranked ‘Johnny B Goode’ as the 7th Greatest Song of All Time and it was chosen as an achievement of humanity for the collection of artifacts placed in the Voyager space craft.

On the flip side, ‘Around And Around’ describes how “the joint was rockin” and has been covered by David Bowie, The Rolling Stones and The Greatful Dead among other artists.

I’ll Never Get Out Of This World Alive – Hank Williams
Indeed he didn’t.

This was the last single to be released during his lifetime and it reached Number 1 in the Country Singles chart posthumously in January of 1953, after his mysterious death.

I Get A Kick Out Of You – Frank Sinatra
‘I Get A Kick Out Of You’ was originally written by Cole Porter in 1934.

This was the first version that Sinatra recorded in 1953 just before his Oscar-winning role in ‘From Here To Eternity’. After this his career would take off and his life would never be the same again.