Soul Kitchen 10 (V1 Part I) – The ‘Raindrops’ Mix

I have captured the signal, and subsequently triangulated the vectors, transduced the amplitude modulation via the concavity of my ears, and compressed the data down in order to express it as a function of my music collection.

ID: DJ Kub
SEQ_NO: 10
MIX_NAME: Soul Kitchen
DESC: Alternativefunkhawaiianalo-filoungerocksoul
LNGTH: 49:17
FMT: mp3
BR: 192 kbps
TOT_NO: 15
FILE: The ‘Raindrops’ Mix

1.01: Be Thankful For What You’ve Got (Edit) // William De Vaughn
1.02: Up On The Hill // The Bamboos
1.03: The Panther // Manu Dibango
1.04: Afro-Soul // Manu Dibango
1.05: Can You See Me // Jimi Hendrix
1.06: Statuesque // Sleeper
1.07: Raindrops // Dam Funk
1.08: Reminiscences // Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti
1.09: Dirty Work // Steely Dan
1.10: Try And Love Again // The Eagles
1.11: Forever Young // Bob Dylan
1.12: (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66 // Nat King Cole Trio
1.13: Tiny Bubbles // Don Ho
1.14: The Song Is You // Frank Sinatra
1.15: Rock Around The Clock // Sunny Dae & The Knights

Podomatic RSS Feed (V1 Part I):  Click Here
Mixcloud Cloud Cast (V1 Part I):  Click Here

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