Number Ones, January 6th

The Good: ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ by The Beatles

This album is the very successful soundtrack to the very unsuccessful made-for TV movie shown on the BBC, during Christmas holidays in 1967. The Fab Four still managed to push the boundaries, by releasing two separate EPs in the UK (unheard of at that time) for the six new songs in the film. In the States, an album was released with the six new songs on Side A, and a collection of non-album singles on Side B. Both versions went to Number 1 in the charts.

The Bad: ‘Blue Hawaii’ by Elvis Presley

This album was the soundtrack to the first of three films that Elvis made in Hawaii, which contained all the elements that made his films so popular – beautiful locations, gorgeous girls, mediocre songs and terrible plots. In the words of (Elvis’ character) Chad Gates, “I like my job, it’s fun, it’s interesting and I meet a lot of nice people”.

The Ugly: ‘YMCA’ by The Village People

Incredibly, ‘YMCA’ is one of less than 30 songs to be released as a single, and sell more than 10 million copies world-wide. Unfortunately, the song survives to this day by being played at hundreds of sporting events across the States during breaks in the action.

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