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Soul Kitchen 07 – The ‘I Love The Dough’ Mix

This month’s mix goes out to: BT, CS, GB, JP, KC, MC, MG, PD, SV & ZA.
Y’all know who you are because you be Richie like Lionel,
Listening to my CDs, tapes and vinyl.

Now, we gonna let it show…

01. I Love The Dough  $  The Notorious BIG
02. Don’t Stop (Ashley Beedle’s Mavis Re-Edit)  $  Dolphin Boy
03. Sunrain  $  LTJ Bukem ft Elliot
04. The Ghost Inside  $  Broken Bells
05. Way Of Love  $  Etienne De Crecy
06. Brazilian Rhyme (Interlude 1)  $  Earth Wind & Fire
07. Drop It In The Slot  $  Tower Of Power
08. El Resbalon  $  Bronx River Parkway
09. (You Gotta Walk) Don’t Look Back  $  Peter Tosh ft Mick Jagger
10. Heinekin (Interlude 2)  $  Mike Sammes
11. Cold Beverage  $  G Love & Special Sauce
12. Zorbing  $  Stornoway
13. Birthday  $  Kings Of Leon
14. Beach Side  $  Kings Of Leon
15. Coeur Hante  $  Frank (Just Frank)
16. Deep Inside Your Love  $  Basement Jaxx
17. Grace  $  Underworld

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For The Record – ‘Jack Your Body’

Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley is a pioneering producer, and songwriter in House music, whose song ‘Jack Your Body’ has an interesting story. In 1986, Hurley released ‘I Can’t Turn Around’, which was a cover of the classic 1975 Isaac Hayes song. His best friend, Farley Keith, stole the track before distribution licenses were arranged, changed the lyrics, released it as ‘Love Can’t Turn Around’, and hit the top ten in the UK Singles Chart. Needless to say, that was the end of their friendship…

Hurley got his own back though later in 1986, when he released ‘Jack Your Body’, and it became the very first UK House record to reach Number 1 in the charts. It also became the first UK number one single in the budding 12″ format, and paved the way for Acid House.

Despite all this success, Hurley never had another song (under his own name) reach the Top 75 in the UK. His other minor hits in 1987 were released under the alias JM Silk.

Thank Funk It’s Friday – 2011.01.21

James Brown may have told the world about papa’s brand new bag in 1965, but what he forgot to mention was that mama also had her own brand new bag. While Brown was laying down the groove that was to become Funk, all the Soul sisters out there were laying down some rare grooves of their own.

This week’s mix is a big shout-out from the Soul sisters to you.

Right on.

A1. Something’s Got A Hold On Me = Etta James
A2. Sunshine Of Your Love = Spanky Wilson

B1. If I’m In Luck I Might Get Picked Up = Betty Davis
B2. Hard To Handle = Patti Drew
B3. Will You Love My Child = Anna Raye

For The Record – ‘Sixteen Tons’

January 20, 1956 – the number one song across the land was ‘Sixteen Tons’ by Tennessee Ernie Ford.

The little tune about a coal miner spent ten weeks at the top of the Country charts before making its way into the mainstream, where it spent another eight weeks at the top of the Pop charts.  The song was originally written and recorded ten years earlier by Merle Travis in 1946, but Ford’s version became the definitive one.

Since then, ‘Sixteen Tons’ has been covered by more than 20 different artists, including Rock versions, Soul versions, Spanish versions, Punk versions, and a cappella versions.  The Clash borrowed the song, and played it as the introduction to all of their shows on ‘The 16 Tons Tour’ in 1980.  Currently, the song is featured in the Broadway play ‘Million Dollar Quartet’.

Ford continued recording steadily for another 20 years, and enjoyed substantial success, but he was never able to match the level of his signature song again.  Although, he was inducted into the Country Music Hall Of Fame in 1990 for his lifetime contributions to music.

For The Record – ‘Relax’

What do you get when you release your debut single that contains racy lyrics and an overtly sexual record sleeve? If you are Frankie Goes To Hollywood, you get banned by the BBC!

‘Relax’ was released in October of 1983, enjoying moderate sales and radio airplay. Then, an appearance on Top Of The Pops in January of 1984 lifted sales of the single. One week later, the song was being played on Radio 1, when the DJ spotted the cover and really listened to the lyrics. He was disgusted. He allegedly stopped the song, while playing it on air, and called it ‘obscene’. Two days later, on January 13, the BBC imposed a ban on the record that helped shoot it straight to Number One in the UK charts. It stayed there for five weeks, sold nearly two million copies, and became one of the top ten best-selling records in the history of the UK Singles chart.

The dust had barely even settled from ‘Relax’, when Frankie came roaring back with their second single, ‘Two Tribes’ in May. The song went straight to Number One, and sold nearly 1.5 million copies.

As if that wasn’t enough success, FGTH released ‘The Power Of Love’, their third single from the album ‘Welcome To The Pleasuredome’, at the end of 1984. For the third time in less than one year, they earned the Number One spot in the charts, making them the first band to achieve chart-topping success with their first three singles, since Gerry & The Pacemakers did it in 1963.

Unfortunately, it was all downhill from there, and the band quickly disappeared from the limelight. Internal tensions, disillusionment, and the failure to equal their initial success led to the break-up of the band in 1986. Their music lives on though, and so does their T-shirt collection, which includes ‘Frankie Say Relax’ and ‘Frankie Say War Hide Yourself’…

Number Ones, January 6th

The Good: ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ by The Beatles

This album is the very successful soundtrack to the very unsuccessful made-for TV movie shown on the BBC, during Christmas holidays in 1967. The Fab Four still managed to push the boundaries, by releasing two separate EPs in the UK (unheard of at that time) for the six new songs in the film. In the States, an album was released with the six new songs on Side A, and a collection of non-album singles on Side B. Both versions went to Number 1 in the charts.

The Bad: ‘Blue Hawaii’ by Elvis Presley

This album was the soundtrack to the first of three films that Elvis made in Hawaii, which contained all the elements that made his films so popular – beautiful locations, gorgeous girls, mediocre songs and terrible plots. In the words of (Elvis’ character) Chad Gates, “I like my job, it’s fun, it’s interesting and I meet a lot of nice people”.

The Ugly: ‘YMCA’ by The Village People

Incredibly, ‘YMCA’ is one of less than 30 songs to be released as a single, and sell more than 10 million copies world-wide. Unfortunately, the song survives to this day by being played at hundreds of sporting events across the States during breaks in the action.

2010 Crackin’ Countdown

A long time ago in a magical little island across the Atlantic Sea, six or seven lads sat around a table in the local pub supping on pints of Guinness and discussing the highlights of the previous 12 months.  After much banter and debate, one of them suggested that each person create a list of their favourite albums, songs, films and books of the year.  Thus, the Crackin’ Countdown was born and the tradition still lives on today.  So, I now give you my round-up of the best bits from 2010…


Barking  // Underworld
One of my favourite bands returns to form with an album that features all the relevant ‘heads’ across the entire spectrum of Dance music, resulting in an eclectic collection of pimped-out tunes that keep them in pace with the best electronic music out there.

Before Today // Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti
The lo-fi-ness in the recordings give the disc enormous amounts of charm and his broad influences like 10CC, David Bowie, The Cure, Hall & Oates, Human League, Husker Du, John Lennon and Roxy Music make the kooky, lo-fi, odd-ball, all-over-the-shop sounds work perfectly.

Come Around Sundown // Kings Of Leon
I’ve been a fan since Day 1 and I like that they are still trying to be different.  Singing words that you can finally understand, they have even begun to display some of their roots and influences.

Contra // Vampire Weekend
These guys are the coolest band of Paul Simon-loving geeks that  you will ever hear and every song they sing makes me think of summer time.

Crazy For You // Best Coast
This band is great.  You only have to do the math to realize that.  The Go-Go’s + buzzy, fuzzy, scuzzy guitars = Best Coast.

Plastic Beach // Gorillaz
Mr. Albarn with the help of more musicians than you can shake a stick at deliver an eclectic, no-two-tracks-are-alike album that may require a couple of plays to understand but never ceases to amaze and satisfy.

The Drums // The Drums
New York Post-Punk?  Yes.  Reminiscent of the early Cure?  Definitely!  One of the boppy-est, catchy-est, hooky-est bands you will ever hear?  Absolutely!

The Noyelle Beat // Standard Fare
This Sheffield power trio recorded their debut album in only six days and have enough indie aesthetic, with equal parts of energy and melancholy, that I’m sure John Peel is listening and smiling from the great studio beyond…

This Is Happening // LCD Soundsystem
Mr. James and companies third, and apparently last, installment in the rebirth of Punk-Funk, No-Wave, Electro-Dance music that sounds like it was recorded in 1981.

Tourist History // Two Door Cinema Club
The undeniably Pop-sounding Northern Irish trio blast through the speakers with a wide variety of sounds and styles that have one thing in common – every song is short, sharp and sweet.  Outstanding.

*The one that got away (so far)…

Allo Darlin’ // Allo Darlin’
I have been unable to track this album down yet but you can be sure that it will be added to my collection ASAP.

2010 was a year of old favourites and ‘classics’ with the standout book being ‘On The Road’ by Jack Kerouac, which I read during our little road trip across the southern part of the States in January.
Animal Farm – George Orwell
Frankenstein – Mary Shelley
I, Robot – Isaac Asimov
Lord Of The Flies – William Golding
On The Road – Jack Kerouac
Once A Runner – John L. Parker
The Catcher In The Rye – JD Salinger
The Old Man And The Sea – Ernest Hemingway
The Strange Case Of Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde – Robert Louis Stevenson
The Sun Also Rises – Ernest Hemingway

There is only one DVD added to my list this year – a collection of my favourite TV show paying homage to (taking the piss out of) my favourite films.  Hopefully, I began a new tradition by watching all three episodes on Christmas Day.
Laugh It Up Fuzzball: The Family Guy Star Wars Trilogy

Alice In Wonderland
Get Him To The Greek
Iron Man 2
Shutter Island
The Kids Are Alright
The Social Network
The Wolfman

I’ll start by saying that I really miss the following things:
Anything cooked/prepared in Hotel Olive
Most of the food from Marks & Spencer
Irish sausages
Going out to eat on a regular basis
However, I’ve managed to somewhat compensate those losses with the following:
Anything cooked/prepared by Zoe
Some of the food from Food Pantry
Kirin Ichiban
Staying in to eat on a regular basis, since a) staying in is supposedly the new going out  and b) we don’t really have a choice

2010 has been a difficult year to say the least.  Zoe and I are away from our families and friends, Hawaii has not turned out to be anything even remotely close to paradise, and we have struggled more financially than ever before.  But there has also been a lot of good things and here are some of them:
Driving across the States with Zoe on the way to our new life in Hawaii
Getting married in the Little White Chapel in Las Vegas
Watching our first sunset in Waikiki
Turning 40
Running a sub-20 minute 5K
Helping Zoe obtain her American residency in record time
Finding out that Zoe was offered her first FT job in America
Getting an iPad for Christmas