The Slightly Lesser Dark Side Of Darth Vader

So, Darth Vader is renowned the world over as being the supreme commander of the Death Star, who instills fear and terror into everyone that he meets.  But being so villanious has got to be hard work.  In between running the Death Star, oppressing the entire galaxy and relentlessly hunting down all the members of the Rebel Alliance, he must need some ‘down time’.  Just, exactly, how does the Lord Vader unwind, you may be asking yourself.  Well, I have the answer here, in never-before-seen photos of the Dark Lord, relaxing and getting in touch with his more humane side.

I present you with the slightly lesser Dark Side of Darth Vader:

Here is a picture of Vader, trying to make his way through heavy traffic on the way to a friend’s house, during a stop-over on Earth.

Here is Vader, shopping for provisions on the Death Star with some of his Stormtroopers.

Here is a picture of the Dark Lord, trying to change the bulb on his light sabre.

Here is Vader, having a smoke in between his heavy schedule of engagements.

And, finally, here is the Lord Vader, unwinding with a good book (and keeping tabs on a potential threat) after a long, hard day on the Death Star.

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