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Studio 54

‘In fifteen minutes everybody will be famous’.
– Andy Warhol

In the 1960’s Andy Warhol famously once said that everyone would be famous for fifteen minutes.  After partying in Studio 54, he confessed that he was bored with his original quote and changed it to state that everyone (presumably in Studio 54) will be famous in fifteen minutes.

Studio 54 opened it’s doors on April 26, 1977 at 254 West 54th Street in Manhattan.  The site was originally a broadway theatre and then a television studio.  But after this day 33 years ago, it would become the most famous nightclub in the world.  Albeit the party was very short-lived because Studio 54 closed it’s doors exactly three years later on April 26, 1980.

But during those three years, Studio was the king of discotheques.  The club was opened by Steve Rubell and Ian Shrager and became infamously known for it’s over-the-top hedonism and infuriating door policies.  Apparently the two owners would stand outside the club and hand-pick the people they wanted to see inside, which usually consisted of a healthy mix of glamorous celebrities and nobodies.  However, being famous never meant guaranteed entry.  In fact, there are dozens of stories of some of the most famous people in the world being told to ‘f*ck off’.

The resident DJ, who oversaw the proceedings for the decadent three years was Richie Kaczor.  He was from New Jersey and considered by most to be a very technically gifted DJ, who could not only segue music impeccably but could beat-match while mixing as well.  With his DJ skills, an attentive crowd, a legendary sound system and the biggest discotheque in the world, he soon developed the power to ‘make’ a record just by playing it in Studio.  The most famous example of this was ‘I Will Survive’ by Gloria Gaynor, which started out as a B-side to her single ‘Substitue’.  After Kaczor got his hands on it and championed it, the song soon became the Studio 54 theme.

As a small tribute to Richie and the Studio, I have mixed a podcast of some of the Studio’s anthems.  From the opening song, ‘Devil’s Train’, which was the first song Richie every played in Studio 54, to ‘I Will Survive’, every chosen track was anthemic and an essential part of the disco magic that was captured within Studio’s walls in the late 1970s.

Did You See Jackie Robinson Hit That Ball?

“How you played in yesterday’s game is all that counts.”
– Jackie Robinson

The Boston Red Sox and Minnesota Twins were the first teams to take the field today, all donning the immortal number 42 on their backs in honor of the 63rd anniversary of Jackie Robinson’s first day in the big leagues. On april 15, 1947 Jackie Robinson played his first major league game with the Brooklyn Dodgers at Ebbets Field, which broke the color line in baseball, helped to end racial segregation and contributed significantly to the Civil Rights Movement.

Here are just some of the highlights of his amazing life and career:

1919 – Born on January 31 in Cairo, Georgia
1939 – Earned varsity letters in football, basketball, track and baseball while attending UCLA
1941 – Played semi-professional football for the Honolulu Bears in Hawaii
1942 – Drafted by the Army and assigned to duty in Kansas
1944 – Refused to move to the back of an Army bus, which led to a court-martial and, eventually, an honorable discharge
1945 – Received an offer to play professional baseball in the Negro league for an amazing salary of $400 per month
1946 – Played one season with the Montreal Royals in the Class AAA International league
1947 – Became the first black player in the major leagues
1950 – Earned the highest salary of any Dodger with a paycheck worth $35,000
1955 – Won his only championship when the Brooklyn Dodgers beat the New York Yankees in the World Series
1957 – Retired from baseball and was subsequently diagnosed with diabetes
1962 – Elected into the Baseball Hall Of Fame on the first ballot
1964 – Helped found Freedom National Bank – an African-American owned and operated bank in Harlem
1965 – Became the first black analyst for ABC’s Major League Baseball Game Of The Week telecast
1972 – Died shortly after throwing out the first pitch in Game 2 of the World Series and accepting a plaque to honor the twenty-fifth anniversary of his MLB debut


Like the guy whose feet are too big for the bed, nothin’s worrying me… Or you if you click here

01. Little Green Bag – The George Baker Selection
02. And When I Die – Blood Sweat & Tears
03. Give Me Just A Little More Time – Chairmen Of The Board
04. For You Blue – The Beatles
05. American Woman – The Guess Who
06. Vehicle – Ides Of March
07. The Seeker – The Who
08. Mississippi Queen – Mountain
09. Victoria – The Kinks
10. Who Loves The Sun – The Velvet Underground
11. Spill The Wine – War
12. Ain’t It Funky Now – James Brown
13. Does Anybody Know What Time It Is? – Chicago
14. Viva Torado – El Chicano
15. We Gotta Get You A Woman – Todd Rundgren
16. Only Love Can Break Your Heart – Neil Young
17. Make It With You – Bread
18. Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head – BJ Thomas

Digital Kicks 048 – The ‘Funk Ass Rotator’ Mix

It’s funky.  It rotates.  It can be listened to or downloaded here

01. Human Things – From P60
02. Highlights (Charles Webster Remix) – Delgui
03. Don’t Leave Me – Al Green & The Soul Mates
04. Phantom – The Dynamites & Andy Capp
05. Brothers On The Slide – The Dynamics
06. Inhale Exhale (Performed By Venus Malone ft Wordsworth) –
    J Rawls
07. The Pant – Mamaluke
08. Don’t Get Around Much Anymore – Louis Armstrong
09. This Town – Frank Sinatra
10. I’m Digging You (Like An Old Soul Record) – Geoffrey Williams
11. ME – Gary Numan
12. Get The Dogs – Speedking
13. The Explorers – CFCF
14. Messages (Greg Wilson Edit) – OMD
15. Funk Ass Rotator – Kraak & Smaak
16. Ride Yor Pony – Lee Dorsey
17. Federated Backdrop – Sound Dimension
18. Formaldehyde Ride – CPEN

Giddy up…