The Gig That I Didn’t Go To

The Pixies hit the Olympia last night as part of the Doolittle 20th Anniversary tour.  I didn’t get a ticket but a few of my mates did.  The reviews were rather mixed.  On the one hand, tickets were going for 200 EUR plus at the door and Frank Black didn’t say a word during the entire show.  On the other hand, they played a classic album in it’s entirety and, by all accounts, sounded absolutely amazing.

In a slightly related topic, some news has emerged about the Pixies’ new box set ‘Minotaur’.  When it comes to this, Frank Black had something to say; “I like that the sheer size of Minotaur moves it into the category of being an art object as opposed to being just a CD box set.  It’s not necessarily something you’d put next to your stereo, but on your marble coffee table with your other art books.”

True.  But I’m not sure I am willing to pay the price that is being asked for each of the editions.

Limited Edition / Signed (by all the band members) – 350.00 STG, which includes:
* All five albums in both 24K gold plated CD, Blu-ray audio, DVD surround sound and vinyl formats
* A 1991 Brixton gig in Blu-ray and DVD formats
* Two fine art books – one 96-page and one 54-page
* Two double-sided fold-out posters

Limited Edition – 299.99 STG (same as above without the signatures)

Deluxe Edition – 109.99 STG (everything but the 96-page book and vinyl albums)

200 EUR tickets?  350 STG box sets?  It sounds like they are only in it for the money to me.

The setlist was:

01. Dancing The Manta Ray
02. Bailey’s Walk
03. Weird At My School
04. Manta Ray
05. Debaser
06. Tame
07. Wave Of Mutilation
08. I Bleed
09. Here Comes Your Man
10. Dead
11. Monkey Gone To Heaven
12. Mr. Grieves
13. Crackity Jones
14. La La Love You
15. No. 13 Baby
16. There Goes My Gun
17. Hey
18. Silver
19. Gouge Away

20. Wave Of Mutilation (UK Surf)
21. Into The White
22. Where Is My Mind?

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