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Run Kub Run

42.195 kilometers or (26.22 miles) 26 miles 385 yards. That is the distance I will run on 27 October when I compete in my first marathon in Dublin.

People say that the hardest part of a marathon is getting to the Start line and I think I may agree with that. I took the decision to run the Dublin marathon last New Year’s Eve and during the last ten months I have experienced a lot of ups and downs. Trials and tribulations. Challenges and achievements. Setbacks and breakthroughs.

As the race draws closer, I find myself hoping for a good time, wondering what it will feel like and worrying about whether I have properly prepared. However, I’m sure that once I cross the Start line and take my first step all of my thoughts will turn to surviving the race and making it to the Finish line. No matter what. The race will be be extremely hard but the suffering will be optional.

The history of the marathon traces all the way back to the legend of a Greek messenger. His name and the exact story differ between sources. One story claims that Pheidippides was sent from the town of Marathon to Athens to announce that the Persians had been defeated in the Battle of Marathon. After arriving and proclaiming victory, he dropped dead. Another story claims that Pheidippides was sent as a messenger who ran from Athens to Sparta and back (240 kilometers) to ask for help during the Greco-Persian Wars.

Irregardless of the myth, the first marathon was run as part of the 1896 Olympics in Greece. A selection race wsa run prior to the Olympics and the winning time was 3 hours 18 minutes. The Olympic marathon race was run in 2 hours 58 minutes 50 seconds.

The distance was 40 kilometers and it varied by several kilometers until 1924 when it was fixed at 42.195.

More than 800 marathons are run all over the world each year. The World Record was just set on 28 September in Berlin by Haile Gebrselassie from Ethiopia in a time of 2 hours 3 minutes and 59 seconds. The next two fastest times ever recorded were by Kenyans Paul Tergat (2 hours 4 minutes 55 seconds) and Sammy Korir (2 hours 4 minutes 56 seconds) during the same race! What is even more interesting is that the previous fastest three times were all set in London this year on 13 April. The slowest marathon ever run is 4 days 2 hours 47 minutes 17 seconds by Bob Wieland. Incredibly Bob ran with his arms, after losing his legs in the Vietnam War. He averaged one mile an hour.

Twenty-seven people have run a marathon on each of the seven continents. In 2006, Sam Thompson and Dean Karnazes each ran the equivalent distances of 50 marathons in 50 consecutive days in 50 different States. Richard Worley ran a marathon every weekend for 159 weekends in a row. In 2007, Larry Macon ran 93 marathons. Horst Preisler of Germany has run more than 1150 marathons in his lifetime.

In the coming days I will be training, resting and thinking about what lies ahead. What I have to do is pretty simple – just get to the finish. No matter what happens or what difficulties I face along the way. In the words of Dwight D Eisenhower, “What matters is not necessarily the size of the dog in the fight – it’s the size of the fight in the dog.”

You can check out some of the tunes that I will be listening to during my preparation.

00:00:01 Born To Run ~ Bruce Springsteen
00:00:02 Always On The Run ~ Lenny Kravitz
00:00:03 (I’m A) Road Runner ~ Jr Walker & The All-Stars
00:00:04 Move Your Feet ~ Junior Senior
00:00:05 Marathon Runner ~ Aural Exciters
00:00:06 Runnin’ ~ Slope
00:00:07 Run On ~ Moby
00:00:08 Flash ~ Queen
00:00:09 Up The Hill And Down The Slope ~ The Loft
00:00:10 Come On Feet ~ Pete And The Pirates
00:00:11 Road Runner ~ Bo Diddley
00:00:12 Feeling Fine ~ Sharpshooters
00:00:13 The Long Run ~ The Eagles
00:00:14 King Of The Road ~ REM
00:00:15 Mr Success ~ Frank Sinatra

Keep on runnin’…


The Clock That No One Is Rocking Around

The US government’s debts have ballooned so badly the National Debt Clock in New York has run out of digits to record the spiralling figure.

The digital counter marks the national debt level, but when that passed the $10 trillion point last month, the sign could not display the full amount.

The board was erected to highlight the $2.7 trillion level of debt in 1989.

The clock’s owners say two more zeros will be added, allowing the clock to record a quadrillion dollars of debt…


At long last I got to play the gig that I have been waiting for and really looking forward to in the Bernard Shaw Sunday evening.

I must admit I was pretty nervous in the days leading up to the gig. The usual questions like, ‘what will I play?’, ‘what vibe will I set?’, ‘will this sound good?’ circulated in my thoughts. My anxiousness was increased by the fact that I was going to be playing in front of some other DJs and a very discerning audience. People who know music. That’s the clientele that the Bernard Shaw attracts.

In an effort to show my eagerness, I arrived at the pub early. Really early. I was due to start playing a three hour set at 6:00 and I got there at 5. Perhaps that was a bit too keen but I was able to meet the lads and settle in a bit before I started playing.

The gear was set up. Everything was plugged in. I was ready to go. I had decided on my first tune, ‘Sure Thing’ by St Germain, on Saturday. The first song is really important and I always stress over what it will be. I chose ‘Sure Thing’ because I thought it would suit the bar and let the crowd know that I meant business. I also chose it because it was the very first song I played at my very first gig nearly six years ago. It worked. People walking around the bar were nodding their heads and a couple even came on to the floor and danced.

After that I just tried to keep the momentum going and followed the axiom ‘all killer, no filler’. Lounge, Hip-Hop, Alternative, Disco, Funk and House were what I chose. There was also a little ‘Madchester’ set thrown in for all the people who remember Baggy times. The response was great. People danced. I got some requests and lots of thumbs up. The bar man was nodding his head and pumping his fist in the air all evening. It was a lot of fun.

I’m not sure when I will be able to play another gig there but I look forward to when I can.

The tunes I played were:

01. Sure Thing – St Germain
02. Montego Slay – People Under The Stairs
03. Can I Kick It? – A Tribe Called Quest
04. Barcelone – Tommy Hools
05. Talkin’ Loud And Saying Nothing – James Brown
06. Fifth Circuit Rapture – Harvey Lindo
07. Electric Feel – MGMT
08. Hide Me (Al Usher Dance Remix) – Grandadbob
09. The Child – Alex Gopher
10. Exploration – Karminsky Experience
11. Who’s Got The Bacon – Howie B
12. Smokey Joe’s La La – Googie Rene
13. Da Da Da (I Don’t Love You) – Trio
14. Once In A Lifetime – Talking Heads
15. Emotional Rescue – The Rolling Stones
16. You’re Just The Right Size – The Salsoul Orchestra
17. Ain’t No Stopping Us Now – McFadden & Whitehead
18. Got To Be Real (12″ Version) – Cheryl Lynn
19. Melting Pot – Booker T & The MGs
20. Double Dutch Bus – Frankie Smith
21. Bad Luck – Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes
22. Ironside – Jackie Mittoo & Sound Dimension
23. 54-46 (Was My Number) – Toots & The Maytals
24. The Guns Of Brixton – The Clash
25. Dub Be Good To Me (Norman Cook Excursion In The Version) – Beats International
26. Waterfall (Justin Robertson’s Mix) – Stone Roses
27. 96 Tears – Inspiral Carpets
28. Groovy Train – The Farm
29. Groove Is In The Heart (12″ Version) – Dee-Lite
30. Mr Wendal (Perfecto Mix) – Arrested Development
31. Higher Ground – Stevie Wonder
32. Finally (Original Version) – Kings Of Tomorrow
33. Tracey In My Room – Everything But The Girl vs Soul Vision
34. Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) – Eurythmics
35. Cars – Gary Numan
36. Superstylin’ (Discotek Mix) – Groove Armada
37. Release Your Mind (Phonicfood’s Deep Tune Mix) – Syke ‘n’ Sugarstar
38. See It Thru (Machomovers Remix) – Chubby Dubz
39. One More Time (Club Mix) – Daft Punk
40. Going Back To My Roots – Richie Havens
41. City Streets – Basil
42. Clapz (Slope Remix) – Studio R ft Mocky
43. Eye Know – De La Soul
44. I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do) (12″ Mix) – Hall & Oates
45. Rapture Riders (Single Edit) – Blondie vs The Doors
46. Heart Of Glass – Blondie
47. Medecine (Kraak & Smaak Mix) – Mark Rae
48. Looking For Love (Kevin Yost’s Fate’s Calling Mix) – Karen Ramirez
49. Surrender – Petalpusher
50. Get Down (Saturday Night) (Phonicfood Remix) – Discorados

Scroll Call – October 2008

If you played my iPod this month, you would hear:

2001 A Space Odyssey – The London Theatre Orchestra
After Hours – We Are Scientists
Brothers And Sisters – Happy Cones
Can’t Find My Way Home – Blind Faith
Deep Rhythms – Daniel Ceballos
Everywhere (Swell Session VIP Mix) – Fat Jon
Fast Car – Tracy Chapman
Gonna Fly Now (The Theme From ‘Rocky’) – Bill Conti
He’s A Real Gone Guy – Grant Green
I Get The Sweetest Feeling – Erma Franklin
Just One Of Those Things – Billie Holiday
Keep On Walking (Album Mix Edit) – Ce Ce Peniston
Love Of My Life (TV Track Mix) – Arnold Jarvis
Masks – Schmoov
Nightbird (Original Mix) – Sebastian Davidson
Our Smallest Adventures – I Was A Cub Scout
Playmate – Rolf Kuhn
Reach For You – Toka Project
September In The Rain – Dinah Washington
Turn Loose – Soultourist
U Got The Look – Prince
Woman To Woman – Joe Cocker