My First Marathon

26.21875 Miles
42.195 Kilometers
138,435 Feet

2008 Lifestyle Sports – Adidas Dublin Marathon, 27 October 2008, Race Number 8797.

‘Pre-race nerves.’

11,400 runners.  Large crowds.  Cold temperatures. 

Slow start.  Weaving through the crowd of runners.

Settling in.  8 minute pace.  Phoenix Park.  Great weather.  Water stations.  Sweat.  Energy drinks.

10km – 00:54:14

8 minute pace.  More water stations.  Open road.  More sweat.  More water.  More energy drinks.  Energy gels.

The half-way point – 01:50:33

Sore legs.  Tired muscles.  More water.  More sweat.  Larger crowds.  Cheering.  Fatigue.

30km – 02:37:11

The ‘wall’.  Pain.  Relax.  Concentrate.  More water.  More energy drinks.  More energy gels.  Gummy bears.

More sweat.  Leg cramps.  9 minute pace.  Arm cramps.  10 minute pace.  Back cramps.  Dizziness.  More pain.

‘How am I going to finish?’  I have to finish.  Keep going.  Focus.  Calm.  Strength.  Power.  More water.  More pain.

The 26th mile.

Pain.  Suffering.  Cramping.  11 minute pace.  More pain.  More suffering.  More cramping.

The finish line – 03:48:47

‘I did it!’

Place overall – 2765
Category – Men 35
Place in Category – 489

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