Some Gigs

Some gigs are dry. Some gigs are leaky. Some gigs come clean. Other gigs are sneaky. Some gigs take less. But most gigs take more. Some slip through your fingers and onto the floor.Some gigs you’re quick. But most gigs you’re speedy. Some gigs you use more force than is necessary. Some gigs just drop in on us. And some gigs are better than others.

Indeed, I have had better gigs than the one I had on Thursday night in Shebeen Chic. Or, as I have been calling it, Shouldntabeen Chic.

Silent speakers, dodgy leads, not-so-straight-forward mixer, cramped space, unreachable volume controls, bad sound – no sound – too much sound, wrong CDs, mis-cued tracks, songs playing in reverse…

I could go on but you probably get the picture by now. On the positive side, I was the first person to ever DJ in Shebeen Chic. On the negative side, I may be the last person to ever DJ in Shebeen Chic.

Some work needs to be done to improve the layout and sound quality. I may or may not be part of that work. For the moment, I need to recover and then next week call into the bar for a chat with the owner. I have some ideas but I don’t know if they will work in this bar. Time will tell. At least he asked me to come back in next week.

Some gigs are slippy. Others gigs sloppy…

These are the tracks I played, tried to play, couldn’t play or played incorrectly:

01. Strange Games & Funky Things – Love Unlimited Orchestra
02. Think – The Lions ft Noelle
03. Fearless – Incognito
04. Barfly – Alex Cortiz
05. Cut And Run – The Lay-Zee Muthas
06. Jim On The Move – Lalo Schifrin
07. Viva Tirado – El Chicano
08. Slow Hot Wind – Block 16
09. Crazy Girls – True Stories
10. Hide Me (Al Usher Dance Mix) – Grandad Bob

This is where I used bad judgement and played a track that was far too quiet

11. Combiner – Boom Bass Brothers

This is where I really fucked up and played Track 8 from Disc 1 instead of Disc 2

12. Rebel Without A Pause – Public Enemy

The owner comes over and asks me what I am doing. I reply “it’s the wrong track.” To be clever, I put the song in reverse and fade it out.

13. The Israelites – Desmond & The Aces

Except when I cue the next track, I forget that I had put the last song in reverse. And so, this track plays backwards for about one or two minutes before I realise. Because of course I can’t really hear anything.

14. Dub Be Good To Me (Norman Cook’s Excursion In The Version) – Beats International

And when I stop the song, fix the reverse problem and press play, the player moves to the next track. Not the one that I want to play! Stop again, rewind and play again.

14. Dub Be Good To Me (Norman Cook’s Excursion In The Version) – Beats International
15. Cold Sweat – James Brown

A couple of deep breaths and a six minute song to regroup.

16. Make Me Believe In You – Patti Jo
17. Superstar – Apres Le Mans
18. Crik Crak – The Lovers
19. Baby It’s You – Smith
20. Lee – Sporto Kantes
21. The Mexican – Babe Ruth
22. Sunshine Of Your Love – Ella Fitzgerald
23. Rhodes Royce – Plastyc Buddha
24. If You Really Love Me – Stevie Wonder
25. Percumantics #11 – Bob Ascroft
26. Clapz – Studio R ft Mocky
27. Situation – Yazoo
28. Modern Stalking – Lovebirds
29. Da Da Da – Trio
30. Pop Muzik – M
31. Once In A Lifetime – Talking Heads
32. Frederic Lies Still – Galliano
33. Food Stamps – Leaf
34. Going Back To My Roots – Richie Havens
35. Moondance – Grady Tate

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