The very first step in trying to get a gig is to record a demo. Since I decided a few weeks ago that I would like a gig, I had to record a demo.

The last time I recorded a demo was 2003. And I agonised over it. I sat in front of my computer every night for weeks. I chose tunes then deleted them. I mixed songs and then scrapped them. I bought CDs, listened to them and then put them aside. I thought. I contemplated. I agonised. I just couldn’t decide what to include and what to exclude.

Fortunately, this time is different. This demo I put together in only three nights.

First, I heard about the Bernard Shaw pub from my flatmate and a colleague in work. Let’s call them John A. and Claire C. No. Wait. That’s a bit too obvious. I’ll refer to them as J. Agnew and C. Carroll. Anyway, they both know Trevor who runs both the Bernard Shaw and Bodytonic. Both suggested that I drop into the pub on a Sunday and have a look / listen. So I did.

Step One
After having a quick chat with the barman, I took a flyer and went on my way. The name of the game on Sundays in the Bernard Shaw is Twelve. Now, one thing I have learned (from a lot of my past mistakes) is that the simple approach is the best. So I read the flyer. Then I went home and opened my CD box. I chose one to two tracks that fell into each of the genres listed on the flyer. In about thirty minutes, I had twelve tracks. No agony. No indecision.

Step Two
The next night I put the tracks into a cohesive, interesting order. I stuck to the basics again by moving through genres and styles while keeping a steady pace with the tempo. I even figured out how to mix three dance tracks very quickly that convincingly displayed my style and taste in House music.

Step Three
I recorded the mix on the third night in several steps
1. I  recorded the mix using Traktor DJ
2. I exported the recorded file to a WAV file
3. I marked each of the tracks on the WAV file and saved them as individual files using Cool Edit 2000
4. I imported the individual files into iTunes, set the gap between songs to 0 seconds and burnt the mix to CD
5. Then I converted the WAV to an mp3 file using the free software CD-DA Extractor
6. I uploaded the mp3 file to

And that’s it. My second demo – sorted. I have since been in touch with Trevor and he has asked me to contact his friend, who runs a night called Stereotonic. So we will see what happens and how things go.

In the meantime, you can listen to the mix here.

The track listing is:

0.1 But Officer * Sonny Knight
0.2 Fifth Circuit Rapture * Harvey Lindo
0.3 Clapz (Slope Remix) * Studio R ft Mocky
0.4 It’s Gonna Be A Mess (Part II) –
    The Mighty Dogcatchers
-.- Interlude One
0.5 Everybody Wants To Rule The World (Main Mix) –
    Kwamey & Franky Boissy
0.6 Mushrooms (Salt Orchestra Out There Mix) –
    Marshall Jefferson vs Nossa Heads
0.7 Diggin’ It Out – Lawnchair Generals
0.8 Percumantics #11 – Bob Ashcroft
0.9 Slow Hot Wind – Block 16
1.0 Ceremony – New Order
1.1 Pogo – Digitalism
-.- Interlude Two
1.2 I Love Music – O’Jays

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