Digital Kicks 021_B

More Digital Kicks. Move your cursor here to listen to Side B.

ID – DJ Kub
SEQ_NO – 021:B
MIX_NAME – Digital Kicks
DESC – Chilloutjazzhouseloungepopdowntempocheesyswingnudiscodeephousetechno
LNGTH – 61:57
FMT – mp3
BR – 192 kbps
TOT_NO – 12

FILES – B: The ‘Rosemary’ Side

01. Shake – Deepak Sharma & Dieter Krause
02. Sax – H & H Soul Survivors
03. Easy Love – Louie Austen
04. Love Goes (Where My Rosemary Goes) – Wayne Newton
05. On And On – Eon
06. Never Gonna Give You Up (Cake Mix) – Rick Astley
07. Winchester Cathedral – Nelson Riddle
08. Fast Freeze – My My
09. Bless You (Album Version) – Lulu Rouge
10. Community (Fish Go Deep Vocal Mix) – Audio Soul Project
11. New Way – From P60
27. 5:05 (Selway Lightwave Remix) – Llana

DATA – Behind the notes

Shake – Deepak Sharma & Dieter Krause
In 2004 Deepak Sharma mixed and released a compilation called ‘Boogaloo, Brooklyn, 3:23pm’. It contained a track that he loved by Dieter Krause. The two met, became friends and started a label together. Hidden Recordings doesn’t conform to rules or guidelines. The two boys release whatever they want. Whatever they love. That means music from all different genres. Minimal to Deep. Chill to Tech. House to Techno. ‘Shake’ is an absolutely brilliant track. Here’s to being different and not sticking to formulas. Here’s to Hidden Recordings.

Sax – H & H Soul Survivors
There’s not much about these guys on the world wide net web. They have a myspace page but details about them are sketchy at best. It seems they met about seven years ago. They shared a love of old Soul, Funk and Jazz. They shared the same influences such as Herbie Hancock, Earth Wind & Fire and Quincy Jones. This track does just what it says on the tin – combines sax with
smooth, chilled House.

Easy Love – Louie Austen
Louie Austen is the Austrian, classically-trained, bar-crooning jazz singer who moved into electronic music a few years ago – by accident. He meet a producer in the studio who thought that contrasting his Frank Sinatra(ish) voice with experimental electronic tracks would yield some good results. And it did.

Austen is quoted as saying, “I decided there and then to resign from all other jobs and to completely dedicate myself to this new project for two years. If I’d find myself on the street after two years, I’d have to go back to my old jobs. But I wanted to try under all circumstances – I simply had to.”

Five albums, three EPs and numerous singles later, he is still working at his ‘new’ job. His tracks are played in clubs all over Europe and have been on numerous compilations, including Luftkastellet and Hotel Costes. There is something slightly OTT about his stuff but it works. And that is all that really matters.

Love Goes (Where My Rosemary Goes) – Wayne Newton
From one kitschy crooner to another, the mix moves into Wayne Newton’s cover of ‘Love Goes’.

Newton was born in 1942 and by the age of six was able to play the piano, guitar and steel guitar. He was discovered by an agent while in secondary school and was whisked away to Las Vegas for two weeks worth of shows with his brother. He ended up performing there for five years, doing six shows a day!

He worked with every single entertainment icon in the 1960s and 1970s. He was given a headline show at the Flamingo and became part owner of the Aladdin Hotel in 1980. By 1994, he had performed his 25,000 solo show in Las Vegas.

But it all ended in tears and bankruptcy when he sued NBC for libel and went over twenty million dollars into debt.

Newton has remained a prominent figure in Vegas and still performs there with a big band as well as consistently appearing on TV and playing festivals around the world.

On And On – Eon
Google these guys and you will get over 9000 results. None of which seem to have anything to do with this song. There’s information about a leading energy company, a geological designated period of time, sponsors of a biathlon World Cup, virtual reality software, outdoor decking systems, business banking and financial services. Well, the list just goes on and on…

Never Gonna Give You Up (Cake Mix) – Rick Astley
This song (and others like it) remind me of my youth and the state I was in at that stage of my life. It takes me back to a time in my life when I didn’t judge or analyze music. I just liked it because I liked it. I wasn’t concerned with whether it was cool or not.

Clearly this song was not (and is not) cool. But I like it. Call it a guilty pleasure.

And the best part is that, as you listen to it, you can take comfort in the fact that Rick will never:

Give you up
Let you down
Run around and desert you
Make you cry
Say goodbye
Tell a lie or hurt you

Winchester Cathedral – Nelson Riddle
I could probably dedicate an entire blog to what Nelson Riddle achieved during his life. He was a bandleader, arranger and orchestrator whose career spanned nearly 40 years. During that time he worked with just about everyone who had a song to sing.

‘Winchester Cathedral’ is a song originally released by The New Vaudeville Band in 1966. Here Riddle does his loung-y, hammond-y, string-y interpretation of the tune. To great effect.

Fast Freeze – My My
My My are actually three dudes. Two Germans and one Englishman.

Carsten Klemann was born in Berlin and started DJing in 1999. His favourite artists include the Velvet Underground, Fleetwood Mac and Kate Bush.

Lee Jones was born in Essex and began his life in music as Hefner. He moved to Berlin in 2002 and signed as part of My My to the Playhouse label in 2004.

Nick Hoppner DJed around Hamburg and Berlin. He used to work as an editor for Groove magazine. He is also a bit of a metal head and listens to Slayer, Anthrax and Metallica.

Despite the different tastes and backgrounds, the three lads prove that the sum is usually greater than it’s parts.

Bless You (Album Version) – Lulu Rouge
Lulu Rouge are a couple of dudes on top of the Scandinavian Chill Electronica scene. They hang out with Kenneth Bager and record for Music For Dreams.

If you check out their story on, you will see them described as:

‘Lulu Rouge is vibrant and playful yet extremely well orchestrated deep dubbed chill that always flies over the neighborhoods of Basic Channel meets Massive Attack before taking off, pushing the frontier further out into the big vast indefinite space.’

Strange days indeed…

Community (Fish Go Deep Vocal Mix) – Audio Soul Project
Audio Soul Project is Mazi Namvar. He’s a prolific producer, having released 80 records in only five years. He’s a remixer. He’s based in Chicago. He’s DJed for over ten years. And he has two record labels.

Fish Go Deep are two Irish lads, who have been resident DJs at a club called Sweat in Cork.

Combine the two artists and you have a BIG track. This song has been on just about every single dance compilation released in the last two years. And yer man (on the track) offers some good advice about music as well. Can you dig it?

New Way – From P60
Zoltan Nagy brings us deep House from Hungary. I first heard this track on a compilation called ‘Koh Samui’, named after the island and reflective of the underground club scene there. It’s best described as music for your body and your mind.

5:05 (Selway Lightwave Remix) – Llana
Llana Ospina is a producer. John Selway is a DJ, remixer, producer and all around electronic-type music guru. He has played, recorded and released just about every kind of dance music you can think of. This song would probably be classified as Techno but it touches on deep, minimal, tech and chill during it’s 7 minutes and 58 seconds.

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